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Fanfold Labels

View our range of Fanfold Labels, Tags & Tickets

Fan folded labels reduces the need for cores and allowing us to pack more labels per box. The great benefit of fanfold label production is its ability to greatly reduce packaging materials, reduced transportation volume that can lead to cost savings in shipment.

Fanfold labels have many benefits:-

  • No use of cores leads to less waste.
  • More labels per box as fan folded label, tags & tickets are more densely packed.
  • Reduced storage space required.
  • Improved printer uptime through less roll changes.
  • Thicker card tags & tickets do not suffer from curl as the stock is always flat.

Didn't find the fanfold labels or tags you were looking for?  We can also produce bespoke / custom sizes to specifically meet your requirements.  Contact us for more information.