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Industrial Printers - Direct Thermal Labels - Economy Labels

Direct Thermal Economy paper labels are for short term use, having limited resistance to marking, smudging, scratching and contact should be avoided with moisture, oil, fats and direct sunlight.

Ideal for shipping / logistic labels, address labels, product labels, courier labels, box end labels, postage applications and other short life requirements.

Didn't find the direct thermal labels you were looking for?  We can also produce bespoke / custom direct thermal label sizes to specifically meet your requirements.  Contact us for more information.

(99 Item(s) In Stock)
100 x 100mm Direct Thermal Labels - Economy1,500 Labels per roll.
6 Rolls per box.
9,000 Labels total.
(379 Item(s) In Stock)
100 x 150mm Direct Thermal Labels - Economy1,000 Labels per roll.
10 Rolls per box.
10,000 Labels per box.
(389 Item(s) In Stock)
1,000 Labels per roll.
(10 Item(s) In Stock)
100 x 25mm Direct Thermal Labels - Economy6,000 Labels per roll.
4 Rolls per box.
24,000 labels per box.
(10 Item(s) In Stock)
100 x 38mm Direct Thermal Labels - Economy4,000 Labels per roll.
5 Rolls per box.
20,000 labels per box.
(10 Item(s) In Stock)
100 x 50mm Direct Thermal Labels - Economy3,000 Labels per roll.
4 Rolls per box.
12,000 labels per box.