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Polypropylene Labels

Polypropylene PP labels are suitable towards applications where label durability is required.

Polypropylene labels are extremely durable and are designed to withstand applications such as resisting water and able to survive long term outdoor exposure when utilising the correct thermal transfer ribbon.

Polypropylene labels are suitable for a wide range of retail packaging uses e.g. for food, personal care, hair care, pharmaceutical products and cleaning products.

Our Labels also have a strong hi -tack adhesive, couple this with the PP face, it make's for an extremely tough label.

These labels require the use of a ribbon and we recommend a resin thermal transfer ribbon to produce a good quality print on polypropylene labels.

Didn't find the polypropylene (PP) labels you were looking for?   We can also produce custom sizes or print the labels to specifically meet your needs.  Contact us for more information.