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Barcode Labels

Barcode labels are adhesive labels printed with a unique barcode, which is a machine-readable representation of data in the form of parallel lines or patterns. These labels are commonly used in various industries, such as retail, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare, to automate data capture and streamline processes. The barcode on the label contains essential information about the product, item, or shipment, allowing it to be scanned and identified quickly using barcode scanners or other barcode reading devices. Barcode labels play a vital role in inventory management, product tracking, and ensuring accurate and efficient data entry in a wide range of applications.

EAN-13 Printed Barcode Labels - 1000 Roll.

Price from: £21.33

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EAN-8 Printed Barcode Labels - 1000 Roll.

Price from: £21.33

Price excl. VAT

What are Barcode Labels?

Barcode labels are a type of labeling solution that incorporates machine-readable codes used for quick and accurate data identification. These labels contain patterns of parallel lines, numbers, and characters that represent information such as product details, prices, and inventory codes. Barcode labels are scanned by barcode readers, which translate the code into readable information, making them an essential tool for inventory management, product tracking, and point-of-sale transactions.

What sort of businesses use Barcode Labels?

Barcode labels are widely used across a diverse range of industries. Retail businesses utilize barcode labels alongside with pricing labels, managing inventory, and expediting the checkout process. Manufacturing companies rely on barcode labels to track products through various production stages. Warehouses and logistics providers use barcode labels for accurate inventory management and efficient order fulfillment. Additionally, healthcare facilities employ barcode labels for patient identification, medication administration, and specimen tracking.

What are the key uses for Barcode Labels?

Barcode labels offer numerous benefits that improve operational efficiency and accuracy. In retail, they streamline inventory management by enabling rapid product scanning and pricing updates. In manufacturing, barcode labels aid in tracking work-in-progress items, reducing errors and optimizing production workflows. For warehouses and logistics, barcode labels facilitate error-free order picking and shipment verification. In healthcare, barcode labels enhance patient safety through accurate medication administration and specimen tracking.

Why use CDM Labels for Barcode Labels?

CDM Labels is your reliable partner for top-quality barcode labels. We understand the critical role barcode labels play in various industries, and our labels are designed to meet the highest standards of clarity and durability. Our range of label materials ensures compatibility with different environments, from retail shelves to warehouse racks. With our advanced printing technology, you can trust that your barcode labels will scan accurately every time. Choose CDM Labels for barcode labels that enhance your business's efficiency and accuracy in data management. Check out our whole collection here


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