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Rewinders & Dispensers

Explore CDM Labels' range of Label Rewinders & Dispensers. Our selection of Label Rewinders & Dispensers is meticulously designed to enhance the efficiency of your labeling tasks, ensuring precision and ease of use.

Whether you're managing a small business or a large-scale operation, our equipment offers a reliable solution that ensures your labels are applied efficiently. Explore our collection today to find the perfect Label Rewinder or Dispenser to meet your specific needs.

Dispensa-Matic 10 - II Electric Label Dispenser

Price from: £649.99

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What are Label Rewinders & Dispensers?

Label rewinders and dispensers provide an essential device that are used in conjunction with label printers to automate the process of rewinding and dispensing labels. Rewinders automatically collect and wind the printed labels onto rolls/cores, this process allows it to make it easier to manage and apply labels in bulk. Dispensers will automatically peel and dispense individual labels, making the labeling process easier and more consistent.

What sort of businesses use Label Rewinders & Dispensers?

Businesses that require high-volume label printing and labeling tasks will utilise rewinders and dispensers to improve efficiency and accuracy. Manufacturing companies will rely on these devices for product labeling as well as creating bulk packaging labels and precise inventory labels. They are also utilised in logistic centers to create efficient packaging shipping label management.

What are the key uses for Label Rewinders & Dispensers?

Label rewinders are primarily used to streamline the process of collecting and organizing labels, especially when printing large quantities. They ensure that labels are neatly wound onto rolls or cores, making it easier to manage and store the labels for future use. Label dispensers, on the other hand, simplify the label application process by automatically peeling and presenting individual labels, reducing the time and effort required for manual label handling. Both devices contribute to increased labeling accuracy and efficiency.

Why use CDM Labels for Label Rewinders & Dispensers?

We understand the importance of efficient label management and application in various industries. We can provide guidance on selecting the most suitable labels for use with label rewinders and dispensers, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. Our expertise ensures that the labels you use with these devices are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and adherence.


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