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Are all of your products in stock?

Due to the fact that we’re able to produce over 800 different sized labels in over a thousand different materials and adhesives, it would be impossible for us to keep every product in stock.

We do however hold a large amount of stock of our most popular products.

Our current lead time is around 3 – 5 working days on standard orders with this lead time increasing to 7 – 12 working days on Custom / Large Volume orders.

Feel free to contact us before placing your order to get an up to date lead time.

When will my order be delivered?

We understand how important a prompt delivery is, and we aim to deliver website orders within 3 – 5 working days.

For larger volume orders or custom orders, this lead time will increase.

Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive a dispatch notification email.

Please remember that you will need to be available to accept Courier deliveries.

Do you ship outside of the UK?

Europe & Rest of the World

We can deliver to some countries outside the UK, please"Contact US"for additional information and pricing.

What types of payment do you accept?

You have several ways to pay for your orders.

• Credit or debit card
• PayPal
• Cheque
• Invoice
• Cash on collection (by prior appointment)

What's the difference between Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Printing?

There are two thermal printing methods: Direct thermal and Thermal transfer. Both of these methods mean the printer uses a Thermal Printhead to apply heat to the surface that is being printed on.

Direct Thermal
Direct Thermal printing uses media which has a chemically treated surface. When heat is applied to this chemical coating, it turns the area black and the printed information is then visible.

You will often find Direct Thermal printing being used for such things as Shipping / Address labels, Barcode labels or labels which are only required for short term use. This is due to direct thermal media being very sensitive to the environment it's being used in. Heat & Direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time can affect the media's appearance and readability. The chemical coating also remains active once printed on, meaning that without the media being top coated the media is also susceptible to damage in transit such as scratching to the surface.

Thermal Transfer
If you require your media to be printed and used for more long term use, Thermal Transfer maybe the best option for you. With Thermal Transfer, you will often find the media being used has a glossy / shiny surface (Semi Gloss). The print head of the printer, heats a wax, wax resin or full resin ink ribbon which melts on to the surface of the media to form the image / text.

When matched with suitable media, thermal transfer technology is not only impervious to heat and moisture, but the image cannot be rubbed off, making the printed labels the most durable available.

Still unsure which would be best suited for your needs? Feel free to get in touch for some additional advice - "Contact US"

Which adhesive do I need?

The label adhesive really depends on what you’re using the labels for. Our most common adhesives are Permanent, Freezer and Removable, but we do also offer other specialist adhesives to suite a wide range of environments,such as Tyre adhesive, Ultra Peel Adhesive and Hot Melt adhesive.

Permanent adhesive is our most common adhesive and as the name suggests, labels with a permanent adhesive are made to be applied and permanently fixed in place for the lifetime of it’s use. Labels with a permanent adhesive can be taken off the product / packaging they’ve been applied too, but they will put up a fight and more than likely come off in pieces as well as leaving adhesive residue on the product it was applied too.

Freezer adhesive has the same properties as the Permanent adhesive, but offers a slightly better adhesion to the surfaces its being applied too. The bonus to the freezer adhesive is the fact that once you’ve applied the label to a clean, dry surface, it can then be stored in the Fridge or Freezer which makes a Freezer adhesive the best option for use on Food packaging which is stored in cold environments.

Removable adhesive is the best option if you just require the label to placed on the product temporarily. The label can be applied to a clean dry surface and then removed after a period without causing any damage to the product. Removable adhesive labels are often used in retail for labels such as promotional or pricing labels which need to be removed at the point of sale.

Still unsure on which adhesive you require? Contact us to discuss your

What is the Core and what core size do I need?

The core is a cylindrical object which runs through the centre of the roll of labels. This cylinder shape is often made of Cardboard but on some instances will be made of plastic. The core size you require will depend on the printer the labels are being used in. For example a small desktop size printer will often require a smaller core diameter of around 25mm whereas a larger industrial size printer will allow for a larger diameter core of 76mm. To find out which core size your printer takes, please revert to the printers datasheet or manual.

If you’re still unsure, please do get in touch and one of our experts will be able to help. Contact us

I can’t find the size of label I require on your website, do you offer other sizes?

We’re often updating our website with new products in new label sizes.

Currently we have around 800 different cutters available in stock with sizes ranging from our smallest labels of 10mm x 10mm all the way up to much larger labels which measure 340mm in length.

If we don’t have a cutter for the exact size you require, there is a very good chance we have one which is pretty close. There is also the option to have some new tooling quoted if you require an exact size which we don’t have the tooling for.

Can’t find the size you require? Contact
to discuss your requirements.

I can't find the answer to my question. What do I do?

Click on "Contact Us" and let us know what your question is. We'll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

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