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Direct Thermal Top Coated Labels

Shop our collection of Direct Thermal Top Coated Labels at CDM Labels. Providing a secure approach to safely labeling your products. Whether you need to create a long lasting warning label or safely label food items that will withstand being put through the microwave or fridge.

Top Coated Labels offer more resilience than standard uncoated labels. The Top Coat means that the labels will be more resilient to light, scratching, moisture and some chemicals. This means that the labels will withstand harsher environments and the printed information will last longer.

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57 x 32mm Direct Thermal Labels - Top Coated

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70 x 35mm Direct Thermal Top Coated Labels

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What are Direct Thermal Top Coated Labels?

Direct Thermal Top Coated labels are a specialised type of direct thermal labels that have a protective top coating - these allow the labels to be more durable to different environmental factors and can even provide a better print quality. These protective labels are compatible with direct thermal printers that use heat-sensitive paper to produce prints without the need for ink or toner. Unlike other direct thermal labels the top coating on these labels provide an extra layer of protection against moisture, UV exposure and abrasion.

What sort of businesses use Direct Thermal Top Coated Labels?

Several businesses can utilise direct thermal Top coated labels. These provide the perfect option when you need the benefits of direct thermal printing and enhanced durability. Examples of how they can be used include retailers creating long-lasting barcode labels that can withstand anything thrown at it during the transportation. For this reason as well a lot of companies will create durable shipping labels using top coated labels as well.

What are the key uses for Direct Thermal Top Coated Labels?

Direct thermal top-coated labels serve several key purposes related to label customization, durability, and resistance to environmental factors. They are commonly used for creating barcode labels, which are critical for inventory control, sales transactions, and product identification. These labels excel at producing shipping labels with clear addresses, tracking information, and barcodes, ensuring efficient and accurate package handling. Additionally, they are valuable for price tags and product labels that require enhanced resistance to moisture and abrasion.

Why use CDM Labels for Direct Thermal Top Coated Labels?

CDM Labels offers high-quality direct thermal top-coated labels designed to meet the specific needs of businesses that require durable and moisture-resistant labels. Our labels are compatible with a wide range of direct thermal printers, ensuring you can achieve excellent print quality with your printing equipment. Shop our extensive collection today


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