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PAT Test Labels

CDM Labels manufacture in house PAT Test labels of various sizes and quantities to suit most PAT Testing applications.  The PAT testing labels are manufactured from premium grade vinyl or matt white PP with a permanent adhesive.

We can personalise the labels with your company details if required.  Please call to discuss your requirements.

Didn't find the PAT test labels you were looking for?  We can also produce bespoke / custom PAT test labels with sizes and print to specifically meet your requirements.  Contact us for more information.

PAT Test Label - Visual Inspection - Passed - 50 x 25mm

Price from: £7.50

Price excl. VAT

1,000 PAT Test Labels - Passed - 50 x 25mm.

Price from: £7.50

Price excl. VAT

Fuse Rating, PAT Test Labels - Passed - 50 x 25mm

Price from: £7.50

Price excl. VAT

4th Edition Pat Test Label - Passed - 50 x 25mm

Price from: £7.50

Price excl. VAT

What are PAT Test Labels?

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) labels are specialized adhesive labels used to indicate the status of electrical equipment's safety inspection and testing. PAT testing is a routine process conducted to ensure that electrical appliances are safe for use and comply with safety regulations. These warning labels typically include information such as the test date, next test due date, appliance ID, and the engineer's initials. PAT test labels are crucial for maintaining a safe working environment and complying with electrical safety standards.

What sort of businesses use PAT Test Labels?

PAT test labels are used by businesses and organizations that need to ensure the safety of electrical appliances and equipment. These labels are essential in workplaces, offices, factories, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and any setting where electrical equipment is used. Landlords, property managers, and event organizers also use PAT test labels to demonstrate the safety compliance of appliances and equipment provided to tenants or event attendees.

What are the key uses for PAT Test Labels?

PAT test labels play a vital role in electrical safety and compliance. They provide clear and visible information about the inspection and testing status of electrical appliances. These labels help prevent accidents, fires, and electrical hazards by ensuring that appliances are regularly inspected, tested, and maintained. PAT test labels contribute to a safe working environment, reduce the risk of electrical failures, and demonstrate an organization's commitment to safety.

Why use CDM Labels for PAT Test Labels?

CDM Labels offers high-quality PAT test labels that meet safety and compliance standards. Our labels are designed to withstand various environments and conditions, ensuring durability and longevity. We provide customizable label options to include relevant information such as test dates, next test due dates, and equipment IDs. With our expertise in label production and adherence to safety regulations, you can trust CDM Labels to deliver reliable PAT test labels that enhance workplace safety and demonstrate your commitment to electrical safety practices.


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