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Return Labels

Got something you need to return? No worries. Shop our collection of return labels. Return labels are thermal labels used for the purpose of facilitating easy returns of packages or products. These labels work with any shipping label printers typically include the address of the original sender or the business, along with any necessary tracking or reference information. Return labels help simplify the return process for customers and businesses, ensuring that returned items are sent to the correct destination and allowing for efficient handling and processing of returns.

50 x 25mm White Return Address Labels (500 Labels)

Price from: £8.32

Price excl. VAT

50 x 35mm White Return Address Labels (500 Labels)

Price from: £9.74

Price excl. VAT

70 x 40mm White Return Address Labels

Price from: £9.74

Price excl. VAT

What are Return Labels?

Return labels are specialized labels used to facilitate the return of goods or packages to the original sender or a designated location. These labels typically include the sender's address, recipient's address, and any relevant tracking information. Return labels aim to simplify the return process by providing all necessary information for shipping the item back to the sender. They are particularly useful for e-commerce businesses and companies that offer hassle-free returns to their customers.

What sort of businesses use Return Labels?

Return labels are primarily utilized by businesses that want to provide a convenient and efficient return process for their customers. E-commerce companies often include return labels with their shipping label to encourage customer loyalty and streamline the return process. Retailers use return labels to handle product exchanges and returns. Additionally, businesses that offer warranty services or repairs use return labels to ensure items are sent back securely for assessment and service.

What are the key uses for Return Labels?

Return labels play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth return experience for customers. They simplify the return process by providing pre-printed shipping information, reducing the chances of errors in addressing. Return labels also enhance customer satisfaction by offering a hassle-free return option, contributing to positive customer experiences and brand loyalty. For businesses, return labels help streamline inventory management and ensure returned items are processed efficiently.

Why use CDM Labels for Return Labels?

CDM Labels is your trusted partner for creating effective return labels. Our expertise in label production ensures that your return labels are clear, accurate, and professional in appearance. We offer customizable label sizes, materials, and adhesive strengths to suit your specific needs. With CDM Labels, you can provide your customers with convenient and reliable return labels that reflect your commitment to quality service. Choose us for return labels that enhance customer satisfaction and contribute to the smooth operation of your business's return process.


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