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50 Versawipes - Print Head Cleaners

50 Versawipes - Print Head Cleaners

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Product Description

50 Versawipes - Thermal Print Head Cleaners

Help reduce premature print head failure and improve print quality by using the Versawipe thermal print head cleaner. 

The thermal print head in your printer is a costly item to replace.  Downtime and wastage caused through a dirty print head and rollers can be dramatically reduced by regularly cleaning your print head. 

Printer manufacturers recommend regular cleaning of the print head to remove the build-up of contaminants such as dust and adhesive.

Through normal use the contaminants will build up on the print head and rollers and in the case of the print head can cause the heater elements to overheat and print head failure can occur.

The use of Versawipes to keep your print head, platen rollers and sensors clean will significantly improve the performance of your printer and save downtime, money and lowering your cost of ownership thus improving your bottom line.

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Product Reference: 1070-10002


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