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The Complete Guide to Shipping and Packaging Labels

Shipping and packaging are often underestimated aspects of a business operation, but they are essential for safeguarding your products and creating a lasting positive impression on your customers. In this all-encompassing guide, we will explore the world of shipping and packaging labels, providing you with expert insights to improve your product's safety and professional presentation.

Labels for Secure Packaging

Let's begin with the fundamental importance of packaging labels. These labels play a vital role in ensuring that your packages are handled with care. Labels such as 'Do Not Stack,' 'Keep Dry,' and 'Glass – Please Handle With Care' not only protect your valuable products but also promote safety for everyone involved in the shipping process.

Selecting the Perfect Box

The choice of the right box is paramount for the safe transit of your products. Opt for new, heavy corrugated cardboard boxes to guarantee their durability and ability to protect your items. Avoid oversized boxes to reduce shipping costs, but also steer clear of boxes that are too small, as they can leave your products vulnerable to damage.

Ensuring Adequate Cushioning

Proper cushioning within the package is crucial to protect your items. Utilise materials such as bubble wrap, old newspapers, or corrugated wrap to secure your products within the box. A simple shake test can determine whether your shipment is adequately cushioned, ensuring nothing shifts during transit.

Seal it Securely

The final step in packaging is sealing your shipment. Employ robust, water-resistant tape to secure your packages. Noteworthy options include clear carton sealing tape, gummed kraft tape, and duct tape. Ensure that you apply at least three strips to seal all seams, but be cautious not to obscure the label's barcode, which could cause scanning issues and shipping delays.

Choosing the Right Label

Packaging labels are not just decorative; they are vital for conveying essential information to the shipping personnel. At CDM Labels, you'll find an extensive range of labelling options, including 'Fragile,' 'Keep Dry,' 'This Way Up,' and more. These labels communicate handling instructions and reduce the risk of damage during transit.

The Power of 'Thank You' Stickers


If you are an Retail or E-Commerce platform or any business that is sending goods to paying customers - the power of a simple thank you can't be understated

Consider adding a 'thank you' sticker to your packages. This small gesture can show your appreciation to customers, fostering goodwill and potentially encouraging repeat business. It's a simple yet effective way to leave a positive impression.

Valuable Shipping Tips

Here are some additional tips to optimise your shipping process:

- Purchase packaging materials in bulk to save on costs.

- If you're reusing an old box, use block-out labels to cover old shipping information.

- Avoid cluttering your packages with multiple barcodes or labels, as this can lead to delays.

- Reuse shipping materials like bubble wrap and packing peanuts whenever feasible.

- Scrutinise your shipping bills carefully, keeping track of all shipping costs.

- Use integrated form labels to streamline your processes by combining customer invoices/packing slips with shipping labels.

Why CDM Labels?

For many years, CDM Labels has been a trusted source for high-quality packaging labels in the UK. Our labels are crafted with top-tier materials and inks to ensure a professional finish. We offer a wide variety of labels, affordable pricing, and nationwide delivery, including express options. 


Shipping and packaging labels are about more than just protecting your products – they're about delivering professionalism and care to your customers. CDM Labels offers a comprehensive range of packaging labels to meet your unique needs. By following the guidance provided in this guide, you can enhance the safety and professionalism of your shipping process, ultimately leading to delighted customers and a flourishing business.

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