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Royal Mail Labels

Shop our collection of Royal Mail Labels here at CDM Label. Royal Mail labels are specialised adhesive labels used for shipping and mailing packages through the Royal Mail service. These postage labels are designed to meet the specific requirements of Royal Mail, ensuring accurate and efficient tracking, address labelling, and delivery information for hassle-free shipping experiences.

Direct Thermal Labels 100mm x 150mm (6" by 4")

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What are Royal Mail Labels?

Royal Mail labels are adhesive labels used for shipping and mailing services provided by the Royal Mail, the postal service in the United Kingdom. These labels include essential information such as sender and recipient addresses, postage fees, barcodes, and tracking details. Royal Mail labels are used to ensure efficient mail processing and accurate deliveries within the UK and internationally.

What sort of businesses use Royal Mail Labels?

Royal Mail labels are used by a diverse range of businesses and individuals who rely on Royal Mail services for shipping and mailing needs. E-commerce businesses print Royal Mail labels to create shipping labels for products sent to customers. Retailers utilize these labels for sending invoices, promotional materials, and parcels. Individuals also use Royal Mail labels for sending personal mail, packages, and letters. Essentially, anyone using Royal Mail services benefits from these labels.

What are the key uses for Royal Mail Labels?

Royal Mail labels are essential for accurate and efficient mail processing. They provide clear addressing details, reducing the likelihood of delivery errors. Royal Mail Shipping labels include postage fees and tracking information, ensuring accurate postage and package tracking. If you are looking for labels to go Royal Mail, then these labels streamline the shipping process, contribute to prompt deliveries, and enhance the professionalism of mail and package presentation.

Why use CDM Labels for Royal Mail Labels?

CDM Labels offers high-quality Royal Mail labels that are designed to meet Royal Mail's standards for clarity, durability, and compatibility with their systems. Our labels are compatible with various printing methods, ensuring clear and accurate prints. We provide customizable label options to include relevant information such as postage details, sender and recipient addresses, and tracking information. With our expertise in label production and knowledge of Royal Mail requirements, you can trust CDM Labels to deliver reliable labels that enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your mail and shipping processes. Come check our whole collection here:


Royal Mail Labels are postage labels that enable you to send parcels and letters through Royal Mail services. They are essential for accurate and efficient mail processing.

You can use Royal Mail Labels for a wide range of parcels and letters, including domestic and international shipments, large envelopes, and small packages.

After purchasing, you can easily print your Royal Mail Labels at home using a standard printer.

Yes, Royal Mail Labels can be used for international shipments.

Yes, there are specific size and weight limits for different Royal Mail services. Please refer to Royal Mail guidelines or our website for details.

Yes, Royal Mail Labels are suitable for return shipments. Simply generate a label for the return and include it in the package.

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